6 Signs A Lady Wants You To Touch Her When She Comes Visiting…

I know that some people may find me as a big girl, but honestly, I don’t even care. I am here to have fun.


1. She comes to your house wearing something short.

Unfortunately, some guys don’t seem to understand the signs. Us ladies are pretty conscious of what we wear, so if we are coming to your house wearing something sexy might be a clue.

2.She lays her head on your shoulders.

We do this trick a lot, but guys are too quick to start kissing and touching us… That’s not ok, it makes us change our mind. Take your time and let us take ours. Do things in a slow and calm way and let us prepare ourselves before coming in.

3. If she is telling you that she is tired and she wants to sleep.

I’m telling you no girl will ever come to your house if she feels tired. (trust me)

4. Saying she will leave soon.

We are actually trying to tell you that you need to make a move a bit faster, but some guys just don’t get it and they are begging us to stay a bit longer. Huh, really? Why would some girl come to your house if she has something else planned for the night?

5. We are playing with our clothes.

If we loose off some buttons of our shirt, or we are showing a little more leg it’s a sign that we want you to come in on us. Instead, many men make the mistake of coming in and out.

6. We tell you to play a song and start dancing.

If a girl is in your house and starts dancing, she will expect you to join along. But most of you don’t even know how to dance… So just keep practicing 🙂 It might come in handy.

Source : http://www.evagist.com/6-signs-lady-wants-touch-comes-visiting/