Oral $ex Is Not Just Fun But Also Super Healthy. Science Has The Proof! |JBT

ORAL $EX Is Not Just Fun But Also Super Healthy. Science Has The Proof! |JBT

Did you know what oral se.x can make your health better? Sound weird and unbelievable right? Well, 2 Austrian scientists did a long-term study and proved just that. They were looking for the secret to longevity and they were thrilled to find out that the secret was actually sperm!

Love makes us happy: Frank Madeo and Tobias Eisenberg finally delivered the proof after their study done in Karl Franzezns University in Graz, Austria. They compared the results from 6 different countries and they were shocked.

The magic word is SPERMIDINE, which is a substance found in seminal fluid. Spermidine has an ability to repair damaged cells and help to slow down the entire aging process. It even helps with anxiety and depression!

It has been already proven that sperm is rich in vitamins and protein. But this research was a huge breakthrough for the science and academic community and spermidine could potentially fight against Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Eisenberg says: “We found the holy grail for anti aging.” Spermidine can also be found in foods like grapefruits, soy, and cereal germs.

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